Simply Subies started March of 2014 in the Pacific Northwest. With the variety of Subarus in Washington we wanted to include all types from the WRX and STi to Outbacks, Foresters and Imprezas. A great thing about Subaru is regardless of the motor under the hood everyone can be passionate about their vehicle.

From day one we have made it our mission to help our members. We wanted to be there to answer questions regardless of how simple they are as all of us have been new to Subaru at one point. We have hosted events specifically to work on our cars, helping those that just got their first Subaru or haven’t had as much experience turning wrenches. It has been very rewarding for everyone to help others and watch their knowledge and excitement for their cars grow.

When we create drives for our members our goal is to create an exhilarating experience for everyone attending. We take input from our members for ideas that they have which has provided a variety of meets. We enjoy getting off the beaten path and exploring new places. We rarely have a meet in parking lots other than to meet up before hitting the road.

Since starting Simply Subies we have had the opportunity to have meets with Subaru representatives showing off the new models before hitting the dealership lots. Answer questions for our members and letting the crawl around inside the cars. In August, 2014 we got the opportunity to place a custom Simply SUbies decal for Vermont Sports Car on the 2015 GRC STi. From there we got the great pleasure of meeting David Higgins, Craig Drew, Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen.

In 2015 we started a chapter in Arizona followed closely by Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado, California, Georgia and Australia. We are looking to expand into every state in the U.S. and more countries around the world. Each chapter get a customer decal for their area which the members of that chapter provide input, vote on and decide.

We greatly appreciate everyone that is a part of Simply Subies and will continue to provide a world class experience for our members.