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Michael Jose, You Are Missed Brother

In one weekend we lost two young men to people that were irresponsible with their own life and put our family in jeopardy.

We have lost so many to drunk driving and pray that our members take these lives to heart when getting behind the wheel.

News report from Colorado:

SSCO Cruise for Michael Jose



You will be missed Tony Shaw

We say goodbye to a friend, again.

Tony TJ Shaw was a fellow brother of the Arizona chapter that we said goodbye to on Tuesday. Tony was 22 years old when a drunk driver decided to get on the highway going the wrong way. This is the second time this has happened as we lost Jon Vivar in Washington in the same way.

Our heart go out to his family and everyone in our community from Arizona to Australia are feeling the loss.

The memorial drive is scheduled for Sat 11/5/16 at Jersey Mike’s in Gilbert across from the Subaru Superstore 4:30PM

News Report of Accident

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Until we ride again.

New Chapters!

Officially launching Florida, North Dakota and California!

Find your chapter on the locations page!

4th of July Discount Code

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New Website!

It has been a great few years since starting Simply Subies! The growth has been far and above what we would have ever expected.

We have worked very hard to continue providing the best possible experience for our members and hope this site only adds to the world class experience we try to provide for all Subaru owners.


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